• Dr. Rina De Klerk-Weyer

Resilience: learning how to stand strong

In episode 26 of the podcast series Calm, Clear and Helpful, I discuss:

  • the definition of resilience

  • how resilient people needn’t be strong all the time, but allow themselves to process their emotions

  • what determines how long it will take us to process a loss or setback

  • guidelines on dealing with difficult situations

  • the “normal” emotional phases of resilience, and how the Covid-19 phases of resilience differ

  • logical steps we can follow to help us bounce back

  • how we can grow our resilience

  • what a resilient person looks like

  • the importance of constructive self-talk

  • my 3 tips on enhancing our intrapersonal intelligence.

I help you find ways to talk about death to those we love; read more here.

I explain how I feel about growth, motherhood, and not having all the answers, also sharing precious visual memories.

Find the link to this podcast below:

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