Emotional Intelligence for Children and teens

Emotional Intelligence for Children and teens

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We live in a society where it is typical of caring parents to want to give something extra to their children. They will go to extremes to develop their children's cognitive abilities and will spend huge amounts of money to have their children attend all kinds of classes, ranging from art to sport. But what will you do to really prepare your child to cope with what life has in store for him? What will you teach him about handling conflict, sadness and stress? Will your child be able to cope with disappointment and anger? We all want happy and well balanced children. However, these attributes and skills are not naturally part of children or even of adults. The first place where children learn about themselves and their world is in their family.

It's ideal to start enhancing your child's (or the children that you work with) EQ as early as possible, otherwise they have to unlearn unhealthy habits and must reprogram themselves first before they can get the benefit from using their EQ to develop their full potential.


The course for children is spread over 24 weeks, duration of session, depends on the age of the child. It can be done individually or in small group. Sessions can be conducted by parents, teachers or trainers. However it is preferable that the person who conduct the sessions with the child(ren) must first do the adult program to enhance his / her own EQ.


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